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Your rental income

How much can I earn by renting out my holiday home through NOVASOL?

Your returns depend on a wide range of factors such as location, standard and facilities inside and outside your holiday home. The number of weeks you make your property available is also important for your rental income. We make a realistic forecast based on the available facilities and your wishes for the rental periods. We can also advise you on how to make your holiday home even more competitive in the rental market. This can involve small to larger investments in which we can also make clear how much extra return there is.

How much Commission is charged?

Property Invest agrees with you an owner's fee on which a 14.5% Commission is deducted.

How and when do I get paid?

You will receive your net rental fees by bank transfer directly to your chosen bank account number. Payment is made the month following the bookings made. For example: bookings in the month of July are paid out in August.

What happens to my payment if my guests cancel their reservation?

If a guest cancels a confirmed booking within a certain number of days prior to their scheduled arrival, we will cover 100% of the lost rental price.

How do I know I'm getting the right price for my rental property?

Based on our experience with comparable holiday homes and extensive market analysis, we determine the seasonal prices that best suit your holiday home. We continuously follow holiday trends around the world and use the knowledge and experience that Novasol has built up for more than 50 years in the industry to ensure that your holiday home is as competitive as possible - including the right price-quality balance.
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What is the difference between renting out my holiday home through NOVASOL/property Invest and doing it yourself?

Renting out your holiday home takes a lot of time and effort. It requires a lot of administration, determining an appropriate price level during a rental season to ensure as many bookings as possible at the best price, promoting your holiday home through multiple channels, handling bookings and handling guest questions and potential issues before, during and after the stay and much more.If you choose us as your rental partner, we will take care of all this. In addition, we draw on our 50 years of experience and ongoing analysis and insight into the holiday market to ensure you have the best possible rental experience.

When Will my holiday home be online after the agreement has been signed?

After the rental agreement has been signed, it usually takes three to seven working days before your holiday home is online on our website and can be booked.

Is NOVASOL / property INVEST suitable for me if I only want to rent out my holiday home for a few weeks a year?

It depends on the number of weeks and the period of the year you have in mind. Contact us for more information.

When can our guests book my holiday home?

Normally, our rental weeks run from Saturday to Saturday, which fits well with the wishes of an international target group. For example, Germans like to arrive on a Saturday instead of a Friday. If you want to meet the growing market demand for more flexibility, you can also choose specific concepts that allow shorter stay periods and daily arrivals and departures.

How long is the rental agency agreement valid?

When you enter into a partnership with us, you create an agreement that is valid for the current and subsequent year. Thereafter, the agreement is automatically renewed for one year each time. If you wish, you can of course terminate your agreement at the end of each agreement period.
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Promotion of your holiday home

Who takes pictures and makes a complete presentation of my holiday home?

We take care of every aspect in the promotion of your holiday home in many languages on our own website and on that of our many booking partners. We take care of the photography and our copywriters create a presentation that, together with high-quality images, presents your holiday home in optima forma to holidaymakers.

Where do the guests come from?

Your holiday home is promoted worldwide through websites, social media, advertisements and a network of more than 10,000 booking partners. That is why guests from all over Europe and even beyond visit our holiday homes. For example, they come from Denmark, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Croatia, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom and many other countries. The destination determines where most guests come from. For example, for Destination Netherlands, more than 70% of guests come from Germany. An interesting target group, because they usually book early, stay longer and spend relatively much locally. As a homeowner at NOVASOL, you have access to your own personal homeowner page, where you can track your rental and see exactly where your guests are coming from.
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Bookings and guests

What happens when my holiday home is booked?

You will receive a notification by email, sms or both. You can find details of all your bookings on your personal homepage, which you can access when you rent out your holiday home with us.

Can I keep personal belongings in my holiday home?

Yes, of course. We do recommend keeping your private property in a clearly marked and enclosed space, closet or similar.
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Insurance of your holiday home

What happens if a guest damages my holiday home?

We think it is important that you feel comfortable when you rent out your holiday home. That's why our homeowners insurance automatically gives coverage to NOVASOL homeowners. The insurance is in addition to your own insurance.

Homeowners insurance provides *:

* coverage for physical damage to the rental accommodation and related movable property caused by a NOVASOL guest * coverage in the event of lost rental income if the repair of the damage means you have to cancel existing bookings.* coverage with only 135 EUR deductible. Homeowners insurance also covers the difference as your own vacation home insurance an injury and your deductible is more than 135 EUR.... and much more! In addition, with our Minor damage Concept, we cover the costs of minor damage up to 135 EUR. This way you are well protected against unforeseen damage and costs associated with the rental of your holiday home.* Under certain conditions

Does NOVASOL charge a deposit to guests?

As a general rule, guests do not pay a deposit.We instead offer a concept that we call the Minor Damage Concept.This means that if a guest accidentally causes a minor damage in your holiday home during the stay, we will refund the costs that may be incurred in connection with repair or purchase of new items with a maximum of 135 EUR per stay *. With this concept, we want to protect you from unforeseen costs associated with the rental of your holiday home and at the same time prevent our guests from leaving a feeling by charging compensation for a small and unintentional damage.The concept serves as a supplement to our homeowners insurance. This insurance covers a lot of damage to your holiday home and inventory if it was caused by a NOVASOL guest where the damage amount exceeds 135 EUR and your own insurance does not provide coverage *.* Under certain conditions

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Please contact us for consultation. Our experts are happy to answer all your questions and find the best possible solution for the project that we can help you with.

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